Diecast Model Aircrafts

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Diecast Airplane models are mostly produced in following scales such as 1/60 , 1/100 , 1/160 , 1/200 , 1/400 , 1/500. The dimensions will vary depending on the scale and the model of the aircraft. A Boeing 777 with 1/100 scale will not have the same exact dimensions in comparison with a Boeing 737 aircraft produced at 1/100 scale. Because in reality, the dimensions of these planes are not identical either. The diecast model airplanes will separate due to the produced material kind such as : metal aircraft , plastic aircraft , resin aircraft. The usage of the material will determine the quality, the weight, the durability and the quality of the aircraft. You will find various model diecast aircrafts in our website.

Diecast Aircraft Models